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Helping to Rid Your Property of Unwanted Pests

Rid your property of unwanted pests with help from Parm’s Landscape Management. We hold a 3.0 pesticide applicator license to ensure your property is free of mosquitos, fleas, ants, ticks and more! For a FREE quote, use our online form or call us today.

Mosquito Control Program

Our three-treatment program provides your family with relief from pesky mosquitos all season long. Each treatment drastically reduces the number of mosquitos present in your yard as well as residual control for up to 60 days.

Only three treatments will give you lasting results all summer long so you can enjoy the great outdoors all summer long.

Perimeter Pest Control Program

Our four-treatment program helps to control common pests like ants, earwigs, fleas, ticks and spiders that live outside your home. It also provides some limited and temporary relief from mosquitoes.

We suggest regularly scheduled treatments to help keep these common pests from entering your property so that you, your family and pets can enjoy your lawn during the beautiful Wisconsin summers.


“Rick is timely and courteous at his job. He is always friendly and willing to help. The job is done as it should be and with a smile.”

– Julie Schmahl, Google Review

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